Self-taught photographer

From an early age, I was exposed to photography via my father, who then taught me about the basics of composition and light on an analog camera (and of course, the necessity to spare pictures, since it was film!). I kept in touch regularly with photography, mostly through documenting my travels, along with the casual request from acquaintances to cover one of their family events, but two other passions I had, took over and led me professionally to an artistic career in lyrical singing, followed by a scientific and technical career in physics and algorithms. A few years ago, I decided to reconnect with photography, but this time not only for my travels, but more for the sake of documenting street scenes, the way people interact with each other and with their environment. Through more dedication in experimenting, this passion grew slowly but steadily, taking more and more space in my mind, to the point where I now feel that I want to professionally pursue long-term projects to document pressing issues, such as the impact of climate change on poorer populations.

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